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To the fathers, we see you

To the fathers, we see you and we honor you. We see you hold your wife's hand when the doctors deliver devastating news. We see you sit beside her as she bears physical and emotional pain, and the equal pain you feel inside your heart. We see you when you would give anything to take the pain away and feel helpless. We see you when you send out updates and field calls and texts on behalf of your family. We see the work you put into making arrangements, when your heart is broken. We see you as you return to work sooner than is ideal, perhaps with very little support or knowledge of what you've faced. We see you when you feel the need to be "the strong one". We see you as you daily answer the question, "How is your wife holding up?" It is a considerate question, though one that, when asked as a single question, often leaves grieving father's feeling overlooked and as if their grief is somehow smaller. We see you as you disciple, lead, and care for your fami

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