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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

  I can hardly contain my excitement because my 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for the Grieving Mama is here! If you are looking for something meaningful to gift to a grieving mama this Christmas, I’ve compiled a collection of a few of my favorite shops and products to give to a hurting friend. This list is not sponsored and I did not receive any compensation for these recommendations. These are simply a few of my favorite products (based on personal experience or the recommendation of fellow loss mama friends) that were too wonderful not to share! Holiday Gift Guide for the Grieving Mama 1.  Eucalyptus Birth Details Print, Watercolour Eucalyptus Birth Stats by Restore Joy Designs @ restorejoydesigns  2. Customizable and Personalized Sonogram Christmas Ornament @ popesandpoppies 3. Miscarriage Care Package & Baby Loss Gift @ duetojoyrainbow 4. Memorial favor, poppy design, wildflower seeds  @ sweetboriginals 5. Christmas Truth for Today Cards + free stand @ emilylexstudio 6. Birth Flower

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