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How to host your own neighborhood Christmas Cocoa Bar

Five years ago, our family invited our neighbors to a coffee, cocoa, and cookie event in our driveway and it has grown into one of our favorite holiday traditions. My husband and I are both California kids and this isn't always the norm where we live, but we're so grateful that it has become the norm on our street! The annual driveway Christmas party has been a great, non-intimidating way for neighbors to connect and foster community. By sharing our experience on social media, we hope to encourage others to step out of their comfort zones and connect with their neighbors. Despite my initial nervousness, I am grateful we started, and I've been amazed at how God can use simple acts like invitations to build a strong sense of community. Over the years, people have asked how we do it, so here is a simple recipe: Set the date and time, and create an invitation (see example below). We've done both morning and evening events over the years, depending on which was most effectiv

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