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God is glorified when we turn to Him with our questions.

God welcomes us to ask Him hard questions, and He is glorified when we turn to Him and seek His face. When we tumble through wrestling, it doesn't just lead us to land wherever we feel like placing our feet. Though God welcomes our difficult emotions, wrestling should lead us to seek Jesus and the truth of God's Word. Two wrestling heart checks I challenge myself to assess when I wrestle with anger and hurt are: 1. Am I leaning in or pulling away? Is this drawing me closer to God? Am I seeking Him? 2. And do I even truly want to know what He has to say back to me? To wrestle is to grapple with something, to struggle with it, to engage with it in an uncomfortable way, whether than be through difficult questions, hurt or disappointment. God welcomes us to do this and is glorified when we seek His face in it.

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