After years of unexplained infertility, Kristin and her husband Chris were thrilled to discover they were expecting their firstborn child at a time when they least expected it. The young couple began to pray each night that God would use their long-awaited miracle child to have an impact on the world. God answered their prayers in ways they never would have imagined.

Everything came crashing down when a routine anatomy scan revealed their son had a myriad of anomalies in his heart, brain, and body. Despite the pressure to terminate the pregnancy, Kristin and Chris resolved to honor their son’s life and continued to pray for healing. Ethan Daniel Hernandez was born on August 16, 2015 and lived 93 minutes.

In the wake of their newborn son’s death, Kristin began to wrestle with God’s goodness and the purpose of suffering. She threw all of her anger onto God’s chest and began to discover that God does not leave his children empty handed, even when their arms feel so empty.

What happens when our best laid plans never come to fruition? What happens when the womb is never opened, the healing doesn’t come, or the answer is no?  What hope can we cling to when our circumstances don’t change, or even worsen?

As she and her husband walked through the loss of four more babies, a terrifying medical emergency, and a frustrating diagnosis, Kristin discovered the unshakeable hope we can cling to when our physical circumstances do not change.

Manuscript is complete and the "ball is rolling". Stay tuned for updates. 

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