If God is good, why is there so much suffering in the world? If God is good, why did my babies die? 

Kristin Hernandez found herself asking these questions countless times as she walked through the bitter storm of grief and loss. 

After years of unexplained infertility, Kristin and her husband Chris were thrilled to discover they were expecting their first child. Their elation came crashing down when a routine anatomy scan revealed their miracle child would be born with a terminal condition. In the wake of their newborn son’s death, Kristin began to wrestle with God’s goodness and the purpose of suffering. As she and her husband walked through the loss of four more babies, Kristin discovered the unshakeable truth we can cling to when physical storms linger and all seems hopeless. 

In Sunlight in December, Kristin Hernandez authentically expresses the raw emotions that come with grief and invites readers to journey with her as she wrestles with God and discovers His goodness in unexpected places. This powerful memoir dives headfirst into difficult topics such as death, doubt, and seemingly unanswered prayer, all while leaving the reader with encouragement and hope.

What readers are saying...

"This is a beautiful book for anyone who is struggling through grief and wondering how to reconcile their faith with that process. Reading this book feels like you are talking with a trusted friend. Highly recommend!" - Johanna Mutz, Co-Owner, Laurelbox

"This book is a must for anyone who wonders why God allows loss, suffering, and pain in this life...Inspirational and encouraging, while also being relatable and easy to read." - Annette W., Nurse

"...It has been such an encouragement to my grieving heart. I am a therapist and I have added a copy of this book to my resource library. I know it will be a help and encouragement to clients as well." - Yvonne Munoz, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

"Sunlight in December took me back to the moments that changed my life forever. I am encouraged by Kristin's faithful wrestling and by the Bible verses she shares throughout the book." - Caroline Maclaga, Loss Mama

"Kristin's story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Her unwavering faith throughout everything she has been through provides hope and encouragement." - Kristen Knapp, Loss Mama

"My heart and eyes were captivated by every word that was written. I was reminded that death is not the end, grief doesn't last forever, eternity is home and in that home there is everlasting joy." - Annalysa Alonzo, Loss Mama

"I am so grateful for this reminder of what it means to be a part of the body of Christ and to be encouraged by our brothers and sisters. Kristin's story, the things she thought, the things she learned, and her struggles so closely reflect my own and articulates the purpose of our stories - for our good and His glory." - Carrie, Loss Mama

"I am so moved and encouraged by Sunlight in December. I resonate with Kristin's hope despite suffering how she "rejoiced through tearful eyes" (92)." - Erin Perkins, Wife and Mother, currently in treatment for breast cancer

"If you are going through any type of reproductive grief or walking alongside someone who is, this book is for you! You will cry, but you will also be SO encouraged and left with an unshakable hope!" - Casey McCollum, Adoptive Mother