"I need to return these items."

My heart raced as I spoke the phrase I had practiced over and over, determined to get through this transaction as quickly and simply as possible. I handed over my items to the cashier as a line began to form behind me. Unfortunately the ordeal lasted a lot longer than I would have hoped (in hindsight, walking into a baby store a month after our firstborn son's death wasn't my best idea anyway). I didn't have my receipt. I had deleted my baby registry to avoid receiving additional items that would be returned. A line began to form. The cashier wouldn't budge. The best they could do was offer me store credit. To a baby store I never wanted to step foot in again. 

No one can prepare you for the pain of making returns after the loss of a baby. 

What has your experience been with making returns? Did you hold on to any special items? Keep things for future children? 

We did a combination of both--I returned many items, but kept Ethan's unworn coming home outfit as a keepsake and a few other items (large furniture, etc) for future use.