The empty seat

The empty seat at the table stands as the reminder that someone important is missing. 

The empty seat at the table reminds us that this world will never feel completely like home--nor should it, because it is not. 

The empty seat at the table further solidifies our unwavering belief that our home is not of this world. It further keeps our teary eyes fixed on Christ and our weary hearts tethered to the hope of eternity.

As we anticipate that day and do our best to embrace each opportunity God has presented us with during our lifetime, a piece of us will always grieve the child who is missing--not without hope, but still very much grieving.

As life continues to bring new experiences, unexpected joys, and reasons to celebrate, there will always be an empty seat at our table.

One less pair of Christmas pajamas to purchase. One less child on my Christmas shopping list. One less pair of eyes lighting up at the sight of an elaborate light display. One less chime of laughter on Christmas morning. One less place setting at the dinner table.

The empty seat is both a painful reminder and a beautiful symbol of God’s faithfulness and the hope that is coming.