Seen, Saved, Spared

 I was recently reflecting on the birth of our youngest son and was brought to (grateful) tears by the way events unfolded the day I was admitted to the hospital. At only 22 weeks pregnant, my body lurched into labor and my heart was convinced that I was about to lose this precious baby, just as I had lost the five I carried before him. I was broken. Angry. Incredibly fearful. 

Upon arriving at the hospital, an incredibly kind and gracious doctor told me his plans to go against typical protocol and admit me as one of his patients. Women at my current gestation are typically sent home to wait it out until they reach 24 weeks, but he made space for me. He advocated for me. He told me he would do everything he could to try to help me and our precious baby. 

This memory occasionally comes to mind when I hold my 3-year-old son close and it makes my stomach drop to consider if someone else had been on call that day. The relief I feel is overwhelming.  We were seen. We were spared. The gratitude I feel cannot be put into words. 

As incredible as this was, I know it does not compare to the way God reached down and saved His children. We were sinners, destined for death. We were charged with an outstanding debt that we could never pay off. We were in deep trouble, with seemingly no way out. 

And yet God sent Jesus Christ to take our punishment. To rescue us. To redeem us. To take our sin upon Himself. To transform us and to make us new. 

We were seen. We were saved. We were spared. Gratitude simply cannot be put into words.

*Photograph by Lauren Guilford Photography