"As long as it's healthy."


"...as long as it's healthy."

I spoke these words too, before I fell in love with a child diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. I only meant that I didn't have a preference as to whether this baby was a boy or a girl or whether he or she had my or my husband's eyes. "No preference, as long as it's healthy."

I cringe a bit now when I hear these words. It's normal to want a healthy baby. Our desire for health reflects that we were created for wholeness pre-fall and rebellion of man. But this isn't our greatest hope. Our worth is in Christ, not on our health. We are created in His image, even with the various challenges our bodies may face. Our purpose is to glorify God and point others toward Him in whatever manner we are able. To let God use us, despite our flaws.

If I could go back to the days when I anticipated the birth of our firstborn child, unaware that innocent babies can be born with poor health, I would answer differently.

I want the baby God has for me. I pray he or she is healthy, but I just want my baby.