"And" instead of "but"

 “That announcement hurt, but I’m so happy for her..”

“I’m scared, but I’m so excited.”
“This is so hard, but I’d do it all again.”
I’ve been thinking lately about how often we use the word “but” the diminish the reality of pain. I realize this isn’t how everyone intends the word, but I’ve recognized how often I insert a “but” to take the attention off my discomfort and make myself seem less affected than I feel. I subconsciously want to dismiss the first part of the sentence...to soften it and make it more palatable.
A friend recently reminded me that it’s okay (and normal) to feel two emotions at once and I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Happy and sad. Hopeful and nervous. Heavyhearted and grateful. The first emotion doesn’t discredit the second.
Replacing my “but” with “and” seems like such a minor swap, but it feels much more honest.
“That announcement hurt AND I’m truly rejoicing with them...”
“I’m so scared AND I’m trusting God...”
“I’m hurt AND I love and forgive them...”
“This is so hard AND I’d do it all again...”
We are living in a world where joy and sorrow intertwine and it’ll be like this until Jesus returns. We’re living in the “already but not yet” season, where suffering is guaranteed AND we have a greater Hope. The only “but” that carries real weight is “but God”. I am broken, but God makes me whole. I am sinful, but God redeems. My heart is broken, but God restores. Death is horrendous, but Jesus defeated death and will come again one day to destroy it forever. He will wipe every tear from our eyes.