For better or for worse: Love after loss (Forever Footprints)

The following story is an excerpt from a piece I wrote for Forever Footprints, a nonprofit providing support for those who have faced pregnancy and infant loss. The complete post can be found on Forever Footprints

For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health.

As I spoke those words back in 2011, I truly meant them from the bottom of my heart. Sure, I knew marriage wouldn’t always be easy and I knew there would be hard days, but this wide-eyed, innocent 20-something had no idea of the depth of what those words would truly mean until years later when stood beside a tiny cemetery plot and buried our infant son.

For worse, for poorer, and in the wake of devastating sickness, our innocence was stripped away and things were suddenly so much harder.

On the evening our son died, a kind nurse took my hand and warned us that things were about to get hard. She encouraged us to dig our heels down deep, to remember the vows we had meant so fervently those years before, and to fight for one another when things would become difficult–and difficult they did.


To my husband, Chris: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for seeing me at my best and worst, in seasons that felt rich and seasons that felt poor, and in seasons of sickness and health, and still loving me so well through it all. I love you so much.  


  1. Kristin, thank you for sharing so vulnerably and honestly. You witness to me about holding on and commitment in such a beautiful way when the waves of loss seem to drown. Keeping you in prayer!


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