You Hold it All

I've found myself singing this song over and over and over in these last few weeks.
It's been a hard season. Overwhelming at times. Peaceful in moments.
Two weeks ago, this song started to play in my car as I was about to step into a place that terrifies me. A place that makes me panicked and breathless. Where the past tries to haunt me. I sat in the car and I cried. And let the truth wash over me.
You hold it all.
In the days after, I found myself singing this to myself each time I felt terrified. Joyful. Devastated. Hopeful. Heartbroken. Sometimes I didn't realize I was even doing it. Sometimes I woke up with the words in my head.
Even when I battled doubts. When fear tried to knock me back into the depths of depression that I had battled.
You hold it all.
Every tear drop.
Every heartbeat is yours.