Forever Broken, Forever Valued

This past year has changed me at the very core.

A few weeks into my grief, I took a step back and realized just how broken I was. Lost. Shattered. At the time, I thought that my worth, just like my heart, was broken beyond repair. I would always move through life a broken person.

I was right…well, sort of. Being “broken” looks so different than I expected.

Being “broken” does not negate your worth. It does not mean that you are shattered beyond value. It does not mean that your purpose has been squashed.

When my heart broke, the tiny cracks separated to let love seep in. This brokenness has allowed me to embrace life in its entirety—its hurts, its heartaches, its laughter and its joys.  This brokenness has opened my heart to love. It has opened my eyes to hurt. It has opened my arms to the people that come across my path every day.

I am broken—but that does not negate my worth. Being “broken” has only made me realize our humanity, our inherent “brokenness” as humans, our need for one another, and our need for Jesus.

Being broken has taught me not to fear brokenness. To open my heart without fear. To dive head first into life.


  1. Even if you feel broken, you're still a strong person. I admire you. :) Sending positive vibes your way <3


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