The most beautiful thing

I looked in the mirror today and it felt different than it used to. Before you.

From the time I was twelve, and into my twenties, I struggled with body image. I noticed every flaw, every extra pound, every out-of-place hair and every blemish.

Before you.
You completely changed my perception of beauty.

You gave me extra pounds. Pounds that protected you and nourished you. The extra weight was never a frustration or a flaw- the extra pounds you gave me are precious to me. I'll never fit into my old pants again and I'm okay with that. Because of you.

You gave me a scar. A long red scar that will probably never go away.
I love that scar. It is a physical reminder that you were here. My Ethan "tattoo".

When I look into the mirror I see flaws. Beautiful, wonderful flaws of a woman who has carried a son and came to love her body because of it.

The extra weight, the scar, the changes...They remind me that I am your mom.

And that is the most beautiful thing.