Running hills

I started running again and it has brought me to many places. Not just to certain streets, landmarks and views, but it has taken me through a lot of thoughts, reflections and moments of growth and healing. 

This morning's run was amazing. I felt energized and strong. 

And then I came to the hill. It was about three miles in and it was bigger than I remembered. 

But I keep going. 

Every time I start to feel tired, I remind myself that I've faced "hills" much larger than this. 

I've travelled up "hills" where I could not see more than a few inches in front of my face and felt convinced that the fog would never lift. I've battled "hills" that have been beaten by strong winds and burning flames. 

And by the grace of God, I've made it through. Even when I didn't think it would. Frankly, even when I didn't want to. 

Surely, I can climb this little hill. 

My legs begin to ache. I remind myself that I've faced more pain before. 

You've faced a dismal diagnosis. 

You've labored a baby without medication. 

You've recovered from an emergency c-section. 

You've given your precious baby back to God. 

God has carried you through. He has given you strength. Surely you can keep going. 

This is nothing. 

So I keep going. Pushing. Fighting. 

And then I got to the top of the hill and saw the view. The sunlight shining down on the city below and the mountains towering over in the distance.  It was breathtaking. 

If I had given up, I would have never seen that view. Sure, I may have been sore, tired and winded, but I felt joy rise up in me.

And I kept going. 

And I will keep going. 

There are more breathtaking views out there. And perhaps the painful journey makes them that much better. 

He will carry me through.