27 years in 27 days

27 days.

It's been 27 days since I held my sweet Ethan in my arms. Since I nuzzled my face against his and breathed in his sweet baby scent. Since I stroked his soft cheeks with my fingertips and kissed his tiny lips. 

It's been 27 days since I met our sweet Ethan face to face. Since I was immediately convinced that love at first sight does exist. Since I caught a glimpse of unconditional love. A love that would have done anything for him...even trade my strong, beating heart for his fragile one.

In an heartbeat.

When I look back at that beautifully heartbreaking, devastatingly wonderful day, it feels like it was 27 years. Surely, I'm 27 years older. Surely, life has changed.

Looking back, I see a lifetime. A lifetime that has shifted my perspective on living. A lifetime that has taught me to love stronger. To shrug off the small stuff. To cling to Jesus. To look toward Heaven. To consider the fragility of life and the treasure of eternity that has been freely given to anyone who chooses to follow Jesus. A lifetime that made an impact on my heart, no matter how short it may have been.

Surely, 27 years have passed since I last held you. And I'd live through it all again for you. Your life, though short, was worth it.