Thursday, May 24, 2018

Andrew's Arctic Inspired Nursery

When my husband and I began to brainstorm a theme for Andrew's nursery, we knew we wanted something cute yet original. An arctic-inspired theme was Chris' idea and I immediately fell in love with it the moment he suggested it! After scouring the internet for the perfect arctic themed nursery decor, we quickly discovered that there weren't many pre-curated nursery sets and bringing our chilly vision to life would take a lot of creativity on our part--and we were up to the challenge! Good thing too, because the challenge only grew more complicated when I was placed on hospital bedrest for the 10 weeks in which I'd typically be "nesting". Thanks to the internet and an incredible husband who brought color swatches to the hospital and helped nest for me, our arctic theme nursery was brought to life. We're so excited about how it turned out!

Wall Decor

Mountain Wall Decor by WallDazzles on Etsy

Arctic Nursery Art by Studio Q Gallery

Anthropologie Zinc Letters

Penguin and Polar Bear Eskimo Art Print by Lower Woodland Studio

Original Cotton Snow Wall Decor: I used a needle and thread to hang cotton balls from a thin dowel to create these winter wall hangings.

Hobby Lobby Such a Big Miracle Wood Wall Decor

Hobby Lobby Don't Wake the Bear Wood Wall Decor

Crib & Linens: 

Arctic Baby Crib Mobile by LincKids on Etsy

Levtex Baby Trail Mix Fitted Sheet

Levtex Baby Trail Mix Changing Pad Cover

Finishing Touches: 

Hobby Lobby White Faux Fur Rug

Animal Alley Polar Bear

Aurora World Sweet and Softer Perky Penguin Plush

Levtex Baby Trail Mix Mountain Throw Pillow

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