A Mother's Love

I'll never forget the way his tiny body fit so perfectly in my arms. The way his soft, dark hair peaked out of his pink and blue hat. The way his little fingers felt wrapped around mine. The way his velvety cheeks felt against my lips.

The way my heart swelled at that first sight of him. The way I fell in love. The way he stole my heart. 

A mother's love is fierce. Unstoppable. Unconditional. 

It is a love that is birthed in an instant. It does not take time to develop. It just is. And when it is, it is incredibly fierce. 

A mother's love unites us. It is the common thread we share, no matter how different our circumstances may look. 

We remember the day the love first sparked. The day our lives completed changed. 

We anticipated every appointment. Every ultrasound. Every opportunity to catch a glimpse at that sweet face. 

We made changes. We changed our eating habits. Our exercise routines. Our vacation plans. The decor in our homes. Our way of thinking. We changed every aspect of our lives--knowing that it would be worth it. 

We anxiously awaited labor. We knew it would be hard, but we knew it would be worth it. And when the time came, we faced it. Embraced it. Conquered it. It didn't matter what methods we used, or didn't. We did what we felt was best for our sweet one. 

We felt our hearts swell with joy in those first moments. The moment our breath was taken away by the intensity of the love we felt. The moment that turned the hardest cynics into believers in love at first sight. 

We still smile, and maybe even shed a tear of joy, at the memory of that precious first introduction. 

We felt the love grow fiercer. A love that would do anything to keep them safe. To give them the best. 

We felt nervous to leave the hospital, unsure of what the next few days...weeks...months...years would look like. 

We made it through the first few months on very little sleep. On some nights, we didn't sleep at all. Crying became our nightly soundtrack and we learned to embrace it. We learned to use that time to reflect...savor...grow. 

We watched in amazement as our bodies healed. We marveled at just how strong we actually were...and are. 

We embraced the not-so-amazing physical effects--stretch marks, mastitis, extra weight. At times we complained, but always knew that our babies were worth every ailment. 

We love our children with a love that can change the world. With a love that never fails. With a love that is stronger than death. 

No matter whether we hold our children in our arms, or in our hearts, we have so much more in common than we may think. 

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. To the mother who holds her child in her arms and to the mother who only holds her child in her heart. Both scenarios pose their own set of challenges, and I admire you for what you do--regardless of which scenario is your reality. As we celebrate the love that unites us, let us join hands and encourage one another. One type of mother is not more worthy than another. We are all working to do the very best for our children and we all carry an unexplainable, unstoppable love in our hearts. Here's to you.

Dedicated to my sweet Ethan, who's heart beat alongside ours for 93 minutes. You still have me wrapped around your tiny little finger. Not an hour goes by that I don't think of you. 


  1. You make my heart smile. Hugs and blessings.


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